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Retirement holds the promise of fresh starts and thrilling experiences. Choosing to relocate, whether it be to downsize, upsize, right size, move to a new location, or to a retirement community, is a major decision. What are just some of the mistakes that may be made?

1. Retirement: Ignoring Emotions

A retirement relocation can bring a range of feelings, including enthusiasm and disquiet. Miscalculating the emotions that leaving a familiar area might evoke is one possible error. Moving can be a stressful experience.
Starting afresh in a new location, for some people, may make them feel that they have lost their identity.
However, some people feel better for the move!
Feelings of isolation and remorse may be felt. Having a good support network from friends, family and specialists may help.

2. Making hasty decisions

Moving too quickly can be regrettable. As Lewis Carrol is credited as saying: ‘“The hurrier I go, the behinder I get’. It’s really important to research an area before moving. Visit in all seasons before moving, speak to retirees who have moved to the area.  Take a look here for more suggestions.

3. Retirement Moving: It Costs How Much?

Chat to financial professionals about the cost of moving. 
Also what is the cost of living in the new location? 
If it is in a tourist area, do prices rise during peak seasons?

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4. Organisation

Whilst moving can be an opportunity to organise and discard/give possessions, some people do not.  It can be a very emotional situation. This can also be stressful and costly. However, taking a good look at what is used and what is not can start the process of decluttering. There are also professional ‘declutterers’ that can help.

5. Socialisation

Undervaluing getting involved in the new community is another mistake for retirees moving.  Having social networks is very important.  There are so many clubs, interest groups, volunteer positions an activities that can be very enjoyable.
Social isolation  may be alleviated by enquiring about the many social opportunities in a new area.

6. Medical

Access to medical care should be thoroughly researched before moving to a new area.  How many GP’s and specialists live and practice in the area?  Is it a problem attracting and retaining medicos?
Are there physiotherapists and other health professionals in the area? 

A large field with a wooden post fence going down a hull, with blue mountains in the distance, this could be a rplave for a retirement home.
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7. The Small Print

It is crucial to review the regulations of a community, a housing complex, real estate agreements, and more. It is better to look into the problems thoroughly before moving rather than experience disappointment later.

Moving to a new location for many retirees can be a wonderful experience. Careful prior preparation can make a new location a happy time.  
What other things would you mention before moving?

Jill Weeks has been an educator and author for many years. She is the author of 21 Ways To Retire, which gives insights into how 21 Australians from different backgrounds adjusted to retirementJill is also the co-author with her husband, Owen, of several editions of Where To Retire In Australia and one of Retire Bizzi. She is also a contributor to radio and publications.

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