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Ros McArthur’s Studio
In the book, ‘Ageing Well’ (Harvard Study) people were asked why they haven’t retired:
(it was a longitudinal study)….
One of the comments was:
‘A writer writes, a painter paints, I enjoy teaching, this is what I do’ …and this sounds just like our artist below……

Artist Ros McArthur lives in a wonderful part of Victoria – Mirranatwa (it’s north of Dunkeld). In the 2016 Census (ABS), there was a population of 26. Beyond the stats, there is a welcoming community, with some of the residents having links to the area going back to the 1800’s. 

Ros generously shares her idyllic location with visitors, by opening her gallery.
We asked Ros about her special part of Victoria…where she lives and will she ever retire?

‘I’ve lived permanently in Mirranatwa in the Grampians Vitoria on a sheep farm for 20 years. Prior to that I lived in Melbourne and Sydney, “Woollahra” here in the Victoria Valley was then our holiday house.

The surrounding farm land mountain range and national park are exquisite although the climate can be quite extreme.

Each season, however, brings its own delights and beauty! inspiration for my work as a painter comes
from the local flora and fauna and of course the natural vista.

I paint every day and my pieces cover still life, landscape and contemporary genres.

I have been an artist since way back but only discovered oil painting, my preferred medium, about 30 years ago.

There is a studio/gallery in the garden of the property that is open to the public whenever I’m at home.

Coach tours also visit particularly in spring and autumn when the 3 acre garden is at its peak.

From here my work has gone all over Australia and internationally.

I have no intention of not painting every day so retirement is not something I have thought about and probably won’t in the future’.

Ros McArthur Art Studio is featured on Google maps:
225 Mirranatwa Rd
Mirranatwa,  3294,  Victoria,   PH: 03 55 74 0234
rosmcarthurart can be found on Facebook and Instagram

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