Have you heard of a unique safety item? It’s called the Havlar Backpack. We have previously written of Daryl Gibson and his innovative idea of creating ‘the first anti-theft backpack that contains a removable personal safe and tethering cable’. It really is your safe! Our previous post was a while ago. Since then things have progressed!

Man in red jumper,  blue jeans and black hat, with a black backpack on facing away form the camera on a walkway
Havlar Backpack

The idea for the Havlar Backpack arose from an experience Daryl had in a hockey change room.  His unattended valuables were stolen from the change room when his team was competing on the ice.  

It’s a common problem in Canada where athletes are separated from their valuables (wallet, smartphone, keys, medication, jewellery etc) when competing.

Man's hands holding a small black safe with a cable attached
Havlar Backpack Safe

Daryl thought to himself: ‘Wouldn’t it be neat if I could take a small and portable safe with me when I’m playing hockey, conceal it in my sports bag, and tether it to something structural so I’m not a victim of snatch and grab theft’.

Daryl asked his father, Tom, to assist because he knew that Tom could bring value to the journey, based on his years of business experience’.

Tom had also completed an entrepreneur program for seniors at the Community Innovation iLab in Oshawa, Canada.

Congratulations to Daryl (and his family)!  Creating a product is hard enough.  Throw in Covid and it becomes a mighty challenge. It’s a challenge that Daryl overcame.

Open small portable safe with five dollar Canadian, b lck watch, green Canadian passport, black pocket knife on  brick pavers
Easy to use and safer

The Havlar Safe Backpack has launched!

‘The Havlar Safe Backpack provides you security no matter where you go and gives you the ability to lock up your valuables causing an instant hurdle for any would be thief.

Havlar designed a tough, durable and unassuming backpack, so travel with confidence because with Havlar ‘you’re safe’…but it’s also a case of ‘your safe’

Black backpack being secured to a white pole by a man's hands. He is wearing a red jumper, black wrist watch. It is at the beach.
Havlar Backpack

It’s a great innovation for people when they play sport or travel or

Read more about the Havlar Safe Backpack here

or visit: havlar.com

Jill Weeks is the author of 21 Ways To Retire and co-author of Where To Retire In Australia and Retire Bizzi. She is a regular contributor to radio. For more, go to:  www.where2now.net

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