We’ve seen many people move when they retire.. That’s what prompted us to write editions of Where To Retire In Australia. It’s not always a great move, but it can be.

Should you move when you retire?

Some people move interstate, some move to a small home, some build their dream home. Other people stay in the same area.

The decision to move, or not to move, in retirement varies from person to person.  For some the move to a coastal or inland area is ‘better than sliced bread’, whilst for others an inner city home is preferable.

Jell y fish on a sandy beach, with white braking waves in the distance, Should you move when you retire?
Photo: Nico Smit

What to consider before moving in retirement

Start with asking why you want to move. Is it something you have been planning for long time? Perhaps you are thinking of moving closer to family or friends? Perhaps you escape to a quieter place?

It’s worthwhile thinking about the following:

  • Does your current home fulfil your needs?
  • Could you current home be modified to suit your needs?
  • What are your wants and needs in your retirement?
  • How expensive will it be to move in retirement?
  • What will your days look like in a different area
  • Will your hobbies be catered for in a new area?
  • Will your social life be the same or different in a new area? It’s important to keep up socialising in retirement.
  • If you have a partner, do you both want to move?
  • Do you have a Plan B, what if you don’t like your new area?

Top Tips– Should You Move In Retirement?

Spend some time in the area that you are thinking of moving

Ask locals what they like (and dislike) about an area.

Visit in all seasons (not just the ‘better weather’ times or ‘less visitor’ times if it is a holiday location).

Make a list of your needs and wants – do you both have the same criteria?

Be aware that sometimes it can take a little longer to make friends in new places.

‘Bribie is a great place to live and play. There’s plenty of sport and recreation facilities and the shopping is good’.

Max, Bribie Island

Stamp showing a map Bribie Island to the right hand side of Australia, Should you move when you retire?
Bribie Island Chamber of Commerce

Where is the best place to retire?

There is no one answer. What you want and what your friends want in a retirement location can be very different.

Also, it’s good to remember that places can change over time:

‘Today’s paradise could be tomorrow’s busy High Street’.

What is important to you?  From some people it’s being close to the action, for others its getting away from it all.

Some people want clear blue skies (nearly) every day, others want a distinct change in seasons.

Have you moved in retirement? Where did you move to? Let us know. You can just click here

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