Retired? Never Stop Learning

Recently I interviewed David Bottomley.

At 94 he is the oldest PhD graduate in Australia’s history.

He said he learnt to read at the age of 4.

David had a career in market research in Asia, England and Australia for 60 years.

It took him 7 years to complete his Phd….but he finished a year earlier than expected.

His PhD studies were about how English educators introduced science into the curriculum. The topic? ‘Science, Education and Social Vision of Five Nineteenth Century Headmasters’.

He hopes he will be able to share his findings about creativity into the curriculum, as well as encouraging creativity with older Australians.

And…there’s no stopping David.

He’s now planning his next academic project.

He’s never stopped being curious and has never stopped learning.

Oh….and what about the ‘R’ word – retirement – ?

‘I don’t even know how to spell the word’, he chuckled.

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