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WHERE TO RETIRE IN AUSTRALIA An Award Winning Australian First

368 pages of useful lifestyle information covering 24 great locations spread around Australia, Full colour Maps, Statistics, Tips and Advice.

Forget the French Riviera or a sun baked Caribbean Island, instead tantalise your sensations by retiring in a unique environment in the “Land Down Under”.

Australia is blessed with a formidable diversity of desirable retirement locations. To name but a few you might fancy the warmth and garden atmosphere of Toowoomba or the warmth and village atmosphere of the oasis that is Noosa in Queensland, or two Victorian towns rich in history. Thriving Echuca is on the Murray River, with its paddle steamer heritage, and Queenscliff is by the sea with a proud, carefully preserved heritage at the entrance to Port Phillip Bay. At Queenscliff, the fishing is said to be as brilliant as the views across the rip.

Way out west, there is lovely windswept Albany, where the Indian Ocean meets the Great Southern Ocean. For sheer beauty, Albany is 10 on the Richter scale of exhilarating coastal spots. And don’t worry; the breezes are not that ferocious. Bracing is the word. Farther north towards Perth is Margaret River, where rolling vineyards and sandy beaches form an irresistible landscape with a climate redolent of the Mediterranean.

The attractions of these places and many more come to life vibrantly in an informative book, “Where To Retire In Australia”, written by Jill and Owen Weeks, who spent more than a year travelling around Australia in search of suitable places for retirees with the emphasis on that most important of criteria – lifestyle.

This attractively illustrated book is no mere travelogue, or a PR exercise in extolling the virtues of tearooms of dubious quality. Rather, it is a critical, well-researched document specifying everything retirees would need to know about a location. Social life (clubs), climate, medical and dental facilities, sporting outlets, safety factors such as security (police), the crime rate, cost of housing are all covered in an easy to read and enjoyable format.

All the issues that make for an agreeable lifestyle are covered in this book for those planning to retire and are looking forward to getting their “second wind”.

With Australia’s population ageing at a rapid rate, there is no time to lose. Today’s haven is tomorrow’s busy High Street. Remember, as Mr Micawber said, in David Copperfield: “Procrastination is the thief of time”.