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Robe is a great place to visit, for a few days or longer. It is on the Limestone Coast of South Australia. Its name refers to the limestone rock that lies just beneath the surface. Robe is a popular holiday and tourist destination, and we’ve included it several times in editions of Where To Retire In Australia.

In the late 1800’s the Governor of South Australia, Sir James Ferguson, used the stone mansion near Lake Butler as a holiday home.

One of the fascinating people we met in Robe was a man who used to drive his cattle from Swan Hill in northern Victoria to Robe. The man was in his 80’s and still lived on his farm outside of Robe. Droving cattle for around 500 kilometres, is a big journey, particularly when you consider that he was not doing it in a car!

For further information about retiring or visiting Robe, please see Where To Retire In Australia.