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Half Back Retirees?

Half Back Retirees

Know someone who is a ‘Halfback’? No, this doesn’t refer to a position on the sporting field. It refers to people who make a second move to areas that are ‘halfway back’ to the place they orginally moved from, hence the name ‘Half Back Retirees’.

In Australia it is possible to see ‘Southerners’ (think Victoria, Tasmania) who have moved to the warmer climate of Queensland and northern NSW move again after a few years.

Is a warmer climate, stunning sunsets and a more leisurely pace necessarily the environment people are looking for? Not always it seems.

Why do they do this?
There are a multitude of reasons given by ‘half back retirees’ and sometimes things just don’t work out they way they had thought.

*Closer to Friends and Family (and also, ‘further away’).
*Sick of the climate! (not enough variety)
*Medical facilities
*Change in family circumstances

What are your experiences? Let us know