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Update From Mr C Re: Echuca

Readers will know that, via our research, we have thought highly of Echuca.

We recently received the following from a roaming Ambassador, Mr C, who visited friends who have just moved to the area from NSW. He adds his comments below.


Lots of tourists in town and as a country town, Echuca accommodates them very well. We we visited there was a Buskers and Showman organ display, so it was a very colourful spot over the weekend.

It is a very busy town in the centre, therefore the main street is also very busy, everybody goes to shop in the main area, as it does not have a shopping mall. This at, times, may create parking hassles.

Doctors?: Not a problem the couple we visited both have a new doctor and they commented on how friendly the doctor was and he made them feel very welcome. No hassles what so ever.

Crime?: They stated they feel very safe and not concerned about parking or shopping .
(They have decided that they will do any out of town shopping to Bendigo )

Very friendly neighbourhood, where my friends live, and quiet.

The service clubs (ie: voluntary organisations ) have been very welcoming

Summary Of My Visit?

Echuca could be for you, if:
you love the country lifestyle,
want a nice quiet country town, good shops, no hassles, friendly people that is low on idiots, that has lots of retirees and other people who enjoy their home life.

Visit Echuca!