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The Copper Coast of South Australia

One of the relatively undiscovered retirement havens areas of Australia is the Copper Coast. It is approximately two hours north of Adelaide, and we researched the area when writing ‘Where To Retire In Australia’.

However, it is not just us who think it is a great place, Lynne and her husband, Keith, moved from Adelaide and love the area.

Lynne says:
“We did the compulsory trip around Australia, then escaped most years after that in winter, always keeping an eye on places we wanted to end up in. We lived in an outer suburb of Adelaide, children and grandchildren lived nearby. We checked out NSW, too dear, Qld too hot, Vic too cold same with Tassie, WA was a favourite but too far from Grandchildren and aging parents (both in NSW), NT was not an option due to the wet season. So last year while taking one of our grandchildren on a "camping” holiday, we found this place. I fell in love immediately, saw a house put in a bid, was successful and moved here in September,

What's the best part about living on the Copper Coast.
Friendly people, great service at the stores, nice weather, close to the water and there is every thing here that we want.

What activities are you involved in?
Voluntary work, Service Club, Fishing, Long walks on the beach with our dog

Did it take you long to settle in?
As long as it took us to unpack

Is there anything you miss about living in a big city?
We miss our family and friends but we are only 2 hours away and there is always the phone. I miss going to the Theatre but try and get down to the city every few months

Your advice for anyone thinking about moving?
Check out medical facilities, make sure house is adaptable to your health needs, i.e. steps, garden etc., join a club, have a hobby and remember you are the “newbie” so it is up to you to make friends.