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The Grey Nomad Teacher Employment Program

The Grey Nomad Teacher Employment Program supports ‘Grey Nomads’ who are interested in casual or temporary teaching placements in regional Queensland schools. Participants can extend their stay in areas or plan their travels around one or more short-term teaching placements.

Eligibility requirements for the program are outlined in the Guide for Teacher Applications (Grey Nomads) which is attached to this email. You will need to ensure your annual registration with the Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) is current. The QCT has in place procedures that recognise registration from most other Australian states and territories and from New Zealand. Further information on teacher registration can be obtained from:

The Queensland College of Teachers
Telephone: (07) 3377 4777.

The department welcomes Grey Nomads travelling with a partner. Partners who are not registered teachers and wish to assist in a voluntary or paid capacity on the school grounds will need a blue card. This is a requirement of the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Act 2000 relating to activity in a child-related area. To apply for a blue card you need to lodge an application form with the Commission.

How do I register?

There are two steps to follow when applying to participate in the Grey Nomads Teacher Employment Program:

Step 1: Complete the Application for Teacher Employment

The attached Application for Teacher Employment (Grey Nomads) must be completed in full. For assistance in completing your application please refer to the attached guide for applicants.

Step 2:Attach documentary evidence

All documentary evidence must be certified by an authorised person, such as a principal or their nominee, personnel from a region/district education office, a Justice of the Peace, a Commissioner for Declarations or a solicitor. Please do not send originals.

Step 3: Please collate all application documents and submit together in hard copy to:

Grey Nomad Teacher Employment Program
Teacher Applicant Centre
PO Box 469

Once your application has been received and processed by the Teacher Applicant Centre, you will receive an acknowledgement letter. This letter will contain a request to provide a brief summary of your travel plan to support regions to manage your placements.

The educational regions who are participating in this program in 2009 include:
· Fitzroy Central West Qld
· North Queensland
· Darling Downs and South West Queensland

It is possible that employment opportunities will exist in other regions during the year. You can find the contact details for all regional offices through the online Education Phone Directory available at http://education.qld.gov.au/directory/phone/

For further information about teaching opportunities through the Grey Nomads Teacher Employment Program, please email or telephone the regional contact provided.

Fitzroy-Central West Queensland Region
Contact Officer: Ann Evans
Phone: 07 4938 4651

North Queensland Region
Contact Officer: Lorraine Keane
Phone: 07 4726 3136

Darling Downs and South West Queensland Region
Contact Officer: Wendy Gallagher
Phone: 07 4616 9150