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Emmy Award Winning Game Show Host To Retire

‘I will be 83 years old on December 12, and I've decided to retire while I'm still young”, said Bob Barker in a statement to Asssociated Press. The multi-award winning game show host has hosted 'The Price Is Right’ for 35 years and been in television for 50 years. The ‘Price Is Right’ is the longest-running daytime game show in television history'.

We asked the TV legend a few questions…..

How have you kept motivated in your career?
I have considered retiring every year for ten years or more. However, THE PRICE IS RIGHT is so much fun to do and the show so successful that it’s been difficult for me to walk away from it.

What have been some of the highlights of your career?
The highlight that comes to my mind first is Ralph Edwards’ telephone call to me on December 21, 1956, at five minutes past noon when he told me that he had chosen me to host TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES. All the wonderful things that have happened to me professionally began with that telephone call. (Ralph Edwards was the creator and producer of TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES.)

Is there a particular episode of THE PRICE IS RIGHT that was memorable?
We have had many memorable episodes on THE PRICE IS RIGHT. One of them was the day when a model was at the wheel of an automobile that was pushed out on to the stage by several stagehands in front of the audience. The model was smiling into the camera and steered the car right into a wall. Since we do the show as though it were live, it didn’t occur to us to stop tape. I simply asked the contestant, “What do you bid on that car with the badly crumpled fender?”

If you weren't doing what you do today, what other job would you like to have?
As I was growing up on an Indian reservation in Missouri, my dream was to pitch for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. The only thing that prevented it from happening was a total lack of talent on my part.

Do you have any tips for people who are thinking of retiring?
Please ask me that question about six months after I’ve been retired.

What are your plans for the future?
I intend to do a lot of bungee jumping and I may get to Australia to give it a go, since I hear that’s a popular sport there.

Go For It Bob!