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Never Too Old To Learn.....Allan Stewart

For someone who is the World's Oldest Graduate Allan Stewart is very modest. However, he is not one to sit around and enjoys a number of activities. He said he feels encouraged when other older people say that he is a role model for them.

Why go back to university (twice) after retirement
I returned to university for various reasons. I had ample time. I have a 70 year old daughter doing a degree course at SCU. I believe in mental exercise as a health measure.

Why did you choose to study Law and Clinical Science?
When I matriculated my preferred options were medicine or law, but I was persuaded to do dentistry because an older brother was in dental practice.

What is your concept of retirement?
A time to relax and enjoy life.

How did the other students react to having an older student in the classes?
At SCU the course was entirely online.

What did the other students teach you?
At UNE (Law degree) after initial contacts, I was virtually just another student.

What are your retirement activities?
My activities include walking, gardening, cooking, playing bridge and interaction with family, friends and the community

What is your motto?
As long as you keep pedalling, you won't fall off the bike.

Photo: Courtesy of Southern Cross University