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Where to Retire in Australia

Find out the best places to retire in Australia…the lifestyle hotspots
This updated, completely revised and practical guide is Australia’s number one lifestyle retirement guide.
This is a great read and makes a fascinating present for yourself, family, friends or colleagues

This is a great read and makes a fascinating present for yourself, family, friends or colleagues

The authors have researched (meaning they have actually visited) over 200 locations to come up with the best Australia has to offer, and give essential information on local climate, medical services, security, the cost of living, transport, real estate, cost of food and clothing, communication facilities, car servicing, shopping, restaurants, clubs, retirement villages, amusements for grandchildren, gardening, golf and bowls, cultural activities, adult education, libraries, pet ownership, employment possibilities, and the chances of making a hobby profitable. There is also information from locals, valuable tips, and further resources. Jill and Owen Weeks have not sat in coffee shops or on chairs getting their information from the internet!

For those people looking, or searching,for their retirement picking the right location can avoid a lifestyle or financial disaster. Owen and Jill Weeks have done a lot of the hard research for retirees. It is an admirable, well organised approach which should help people find their idea retirement spot.
Barrie Dunstan, The Financial Review

‘This book is head and shoulders the best available resource. Those who use the book as a guide are likely to achieve their dreams.’
Andrew Caplin, Professor of Economics, New York University

Where to Retire in Australia - Table of Contents and Extracts

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